Meet Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses

The first baby development & health monitor

The Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses is a wearable monitor that tracks your little one's vitals and activity throughout the day and sends the data to your phone. Alerting you when required and giving you real insights into health, sleep, activity and development.


Be alerted in case of unusual temperature and heart rate variations


Visualize your little ones sleep patterns and helps achieve better sleep for baby and you


Unique combination of milestone system with measured data helps detect development delays

Take the guesswork out of parenting

Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses mobile app gives you a simple to understand overview of your little ones vitals

Sleep Pattern Analysis

Actionable tips to improve your baby and your own sleep

Be notified and alerted

Alerts and notifies you when it matters, fever spike? Know instantly

Stay connected

Stay connected when someone else is taking care of your little one

Understand your baby's development

The break-through technology: Visualize your baby's development with our patent pending developmental phase analysis

Track Development

Unique break-down across multiple categories of your baby's development

Actionable Insights

Our analysis provides actionable insights, know which areas need attention

Peace of Mind

Why doesn't she crawl yet? Answers your niggling concerns


XOXO stands for Hugs & Kisses, perfectly encompassing our vision. We designed the Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses for the modern mum, launching in the exclusive gender neutral soft mint color variant

And because we know you care about your little one's comfort we use the softest skin-safe silicon paired with high quality materials

From the makers of the

Clever Baby Diary

For iOS & Android, can be used without the Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses Wearable!

Get it on Google PlayGet it on iTunes
Keep a diary of the most precious moments
Save photos and notes and share with your loved ones
Track Nursing, Diapers, Bottles and more
The early weeks can be challening, take out the stress by tracking Nursing and Feeding
Log Vaccinations and other important health information
A central record for all important information

The baby monitor for peace of mind.

Our first Clever Baby monitors will be half price. We don't want you to miss out.